How to relieve pain after cesarean section

How to relieve pain after cesarean section also learn about forbidden eating after a caesarean section, the correct way to sleep after a caesarean section, and tips after a caesarean section to tighten the abdomen and the length of walking after a caesarean section

How to relieve pain after cesarean section

It is recommended to do light activities such as walking 24 hours after birth and for a short period, in order to reduce gases and improve bowel movement and to reduce the risk of blood clots due to prolonged lying down.
Avoid all of the following at least 6 weeks before your C-section: Carrying anything heavier than your baby’s weight for at least two weeks after the C-section, driving, exercising, and having sex.
Do some light exercise, such as:
1- Breathing exercises:
Take 2-3 deep and slow breaths every half an hour, to prevent lung congestion due to prolonged lying down.
2- Shoulder exercises:
Sit and move your hands with the shoulders in a complete circular manner twenty times to reduce the stiffness of your muscles.
3- Stretching exercises:
Stand against a wall and raise your hands and extend your body until you feel a slight blockage in your stomach, hold for 5 seconds and repeat several times.

Forbidden eating after cesarean delivery

After a caesarean section, complete rest is recommended for the wound to heal. Since you won’t be able to do much of any physical activity, it’s important to control what you eat and avoid anything that takes a long time to digest.
Like the list of foods that are recommended to be eaten, there are food items that should be avoided after childbirth as follows:
Avoid spicy foods as they can cause stomach issues and the baby may also get the flavor in the milk.
Avoid soft drinks and citrus juices because they can cause gas.
Limit caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea because caffeine can cause problems in a child’s development.
Stay away from gas-producing foods such as beans, lentils, pickles, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and onions for at least 40 days from the day of birth.
Exclude processed and uncooked meats from the menu. Avoid fermented and fried foods and fast food completely. Avoid ghee and rice for the first 3-4 days after a caesarean delivery.

The correct way to sleep after a caesarean section

This is the most important information about the correct sleeping positions and method after cesarean delivery:
1- Sleeping on the back
Sleeping on the back is one of the best positions to sleep after a caesarean section, especially in the first few weeks after the operation.
The reason here is that this position helps prevent any pressure on the cesarean section wound area, which in turn may damage the stitches or cause them to loosen.
However, this method has some drawbacks that must be taken into consideration, which include the following:
Sleeping on the back may be unhealthy for women who suffer from blood pressure problems.
Attempting to sit after lying on your back can cause severe pain and discomfort.
2- Sleeping on one side
Sleeping on one side is one of the positions that many women prefer after giving birth by caesarean section, especially since this position does not cause any tension or pressure on the cesarean wound area, which helps to speed up the recovery period.
This position is especially recommended for women who suffer from blood pressure problems, as this position helps to strengthen blood circulation, especially when using side pillows to support the abdomen during sleep.
3- Sleeping in a sitting position
While searching for the correct way to sleep after a cesarean delivery, some women may not feel comfortable except when sleeping in a position similar to a sitting position with the back supported using a large number of comfortable pillows, or some women may resort to sleeping in a rocking chair, for example.
Although this position is neither the best nor the most comfortable sleeping position, it can be especially useful during the first two weeks after birth, especially when trying to breastfeed the baby, sitting or standing.
4- Sleeping on pillows
In order to find the right way to sleep after a cesarean delivery, some women may resort to sleeping using a lot of pillows to raise specific areas of the body from the mattress and provide the necessary support for certain areas such as the abdomen.
-So if you are one of the many women who did not find any of the aforementioned positions for them to help, the solution may lie in sleeping in a certain way on a set of soft pillows, and we advise you here to allocate a pillow to support the abdomen and another pillow to be placed under the pelvis or the knees.

Tips after caesarean section to tighten the abdomen

1- Simple walking while keeping the back tight and straight, so that the body takes the correct position to heal the wound after the first day of birth.
2- Drink apple juice; It helps to expel gases and rid the body of fat accumulated around the abdomen.
3- Doing abdominal exercises, preferably under the supervision of specialists; To avoid injury, as well as exercise it after 2 or 3 months after birth.
4- Eat healthy and useful food, as the mother can breastfeed and at the same time not gain weight, such as vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy.
5- Drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day.

Walking time after caesarean section

The following are a number of benefits of sticking to walking within 24 hours of undergoing a cesarean delivery:
Contributes to the expulsion of gases and thus relieve pain.
Reduces the risk of blood clots and exposure to various cardiovascular diseases. –
– Helps restore the normal movement of the intestines after undergoing the operation.
Contributes to better mental and physical health.
The correct way to walk after a caesarean section
Here are some tips for how and how long to walk after a cesarean delivery:
Start walking for no more than 5 minutes.
Extending the walking time gradually and at a pace commensurate with the individual’s ability.

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